About Xpressions Studio Photography


We are John & Debbie a long established husband and wife team and the face of Xpressions Studio photography. Classically trained photographers we started out way before the invention of digital cameras when being a photographer really meant you had to understand your camera and how film and light worked. Many find it easy to simply put a camera on auto nowadays and lack the understanding or skill to be a true professional. This tends to arise when situations become difficult and their images suffer as a result.

We are a fun couple approachable and attend all weddings and boudoir sessions as a photography team. In our teens I (John) had a passion for photography with my first ever camera being an old 110 cassette camera from my parents as a Christmas present, this soon moved onto a Practica SLR, a 35mm film camera. I then moved onto Canon’s as camera’s became more sophisticated (well they had a digital display to tell you what settings you were on). However it wasn’t until the age of 20 that I purchased my first medium format camera that’s when the serious professional photography began and we started taking photographs of paying clients. It was a natural field for us to photograph portraits and weddings as we have a way of understanding how to get the best out of our clients and can quickly make them comfortable in front of the camera.

Capturing the essence of people in a photograph requires more than just skill with a camera. Professional photography is about creativity and having an eye for capturing something that others don’t see. It is also very much about social skills and the ability to make people relax and trust in your ability very quickly. We both work extremely well together, capturing formal and informal images that tell a story, and having photographed socially for many years we know just how to get the best from our clients. I think it’s something to do with our northern roots (we’re both scouser’s). We receive many comments from clients who say to us that how we work together and our personalities is infectious which makes them feel at ease. We find this wonderfully flattering.

Knowing how, when, and where to take great photographs is important to any professional photographer and having photographed weddings and portraits for over 27 years nationally, and internationally, we have just what it takes in both ability and personality.

The other added benefit of working with us is that we can advise, and help you plan your photography needs. After all we have had the privilege of photographing 1000’s of faces in the studio, and covered hundreds of weddings across many different venues. We have also attended hundreds of private and commercial events and have a large commercial portfolio including products, brochure images, and store openings.

We have three children of our own, and are proud grandparents as well. Debbie and I are childhood sweethearts so know each other very well. We are fun photographers, approachable and friendly with bags of experience which certainly shows through as you will see here. Our aim is to put our fun relaxed approach across in our photography which is appreciated by valued clients, and why so many are now friends and come back to see us time and time again as their own families grow.

Another benefit in what we do is we have unbelievable patience, we know just how to keep everything calm and running smoothly. No matter which photography sessions or style you choose you will receive the expert touch that we and our clients have come to expect.

Our daughter has also joined our growing team. Mandy is cut from the same cloth, she is fun and easy to get on with. Our clients love her, she is young so picks things up so very quickly and puts her knowledge to good use within the studio’s. Mandy is also a fully trained beautician which gives us excellent support to our team of stylists.

Did you know we also have our own salon with it’s own fully dedicated team of amazing stylists.

Serenity Hair & Beauty Salon is co-owned by Debbie, Chloe and Mandy. Managed on a daily basis by Chloe the team are simply amazing and give both our studio’s that edge over many studio’s you will find. Established in 2011 and the main part of our make-over studio, the salon is now growing from strength to strength.

Visit: www.serenitysalon.co.uk to find out more and book your hair and beauty treatments today.

Meet the whole team which makes up the Xpressions & Serenity family. We look forward to your company.

A Winning Team