Canvas Collections

Art Blocks and Canvas Prints start from £180 


There are three reasons why there is an increase in the popularity of canvas art; the first is the advances in computer technology, the second the advancements in printing technology and finally it has become more affordable.

A large canvas block gives you the chance to share your memory with everyone who comes into your home and is much more eye catching than a small photo frame that sits on a cluttered shelf or sideboard it also makes an ideal gift for any occasion, be it a birthday, wedding or christening. 

Investing in a piece of canvas art is a fast, affordable way of giving your tired looking décor a lift.

There is such a wide range of canvas prints available from Xpressions Studio that there is bound to be something which catches your eye, and complements your home, or office. Having a treasured Xpressions portrait printed onto canvas will have a priceless value in years to come so it is important to invest carefully. There are some poor canvas imitations on the market, which will fade, or yellow in time, which is why Xpressions Studio supplies a certificate of quality with a 100 yr display life with each canvas.


All the canvases supplied by Xpressions Studio are printed on Chromata White, the most archival canvas on the market.

Most canvases contain what are known as OBA’s (Optical Brightener Agents), but these compromise true colour, deteriorate and yellow over time. In contrast, Chromata White is an OBA free, acid free, thick canvas that has met and exceeded the standards set by the Fine Art Trade Guild and has passed the blue wool test for lightfastness.

All canvases receive several coatings of a satin giclée varnish, which serves to protect, preserve and enhance. The varnish acts as a UV inhibitor whilst also having the benefit of increasing the density of the print to offer deeper blacks and reds, and brighter yellows. As well as preventing the canvas from cracking during the stretching process it also offers protection against moisture and abrasion.