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What to wear for a portrait session.

It’s not everyday you engage a professional portrait studio to capture your family portraiture. For this reason it is important to prepare for your session with Xpressions Studio. Here are some tips to help you prepare for clothing:

Choose classic clothing that will remain timeless.
Plain clothing without logos, avoid heavily patterns or stripes as this can date.
Wear colours that compliment each other or all dress similar.
Neutral colours and denim work extremely well.
For toddlers & babies take extra clothes, hats are cute.
Take along a favourite toy, or personal item.
A comb or brush is handy to keep your hair tidy.
Minimal makeup has a greater longevity in photographs.
Avoid clothing which may restrict your movements.
Sleeved clothing is always best and helps cover upper arms which can look bigger under studio lighting.

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What to bring for a infant session.

Babies – When it comes to photographing babies, the aim is to show just how small and fragile they are. Hands and feet are always a key feature, so it is a good idea that these easy accessible through the simple removal of gloves and socks.. You may want to have your baby photographed as they came into the world or bare against your own chest, so again it’s a good idea to have clothing that can be easily removed without to much stress.

Keep things simple, plain whites, pastel blue and pinks and avoid wording and logos on outfits, removing text digitally afterwards can become costly. Be prepared with extra clothing, feed and above all nappies. Babies tend to last around 30 minutes before they have had enough. Some photographers want to spend up to half a day photographing your child, handling them, positioning them in and out of pots etc in order to get that perfect shot, Xpressions Studio finds this excessive and too much to ask of a new born or yourself.

Babies generally arrive at the studio asleep. It is important not to wake them as you enter the studio. Once they are under the studio lights they will wake up on their own and much happier. At this stage babies are just as cute being photographed with their eyes closed and asleep as they are wide awake.

Toddlers – For children who are now sitting, walking, or just about into everything, it is a good idea to take a number of toys and accessories to keep your child entertianed. Take 2-3 changes of clothing for them, avoid short skirts on girls as nappies and under garments showing in photographs must be avoided so choose wisely, putting have them in leggings or trousers avoids any issues.

Solid colours are good, bright or neutral, and again avoid logo’s. Hats, head bands, unusual clothing are a welcome addition at any age. Toys, teddies or tricycles are also good fun and will help with active children.

If you have more than one child being photographed at the same time, make sure they are dressed similar in shades. Young toddlers and newborns are the most difficult to photograph together so be prepared and be very patient. Above all don’t worry if your child is not playing ball on the day, Xpressions Studio have lots of patients and will always get the all important shot.

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What to wear for a pregnancy session.

When it comes to maternity clothes to wear for your pregnancy photos, check out the maternity shops for the latest outfits that actually show off your bump.

Simple pastel colours or plain white work well. Maybe even a mans white shirt.

Clothed or un-clothed? Of course you can wear as much or as little clothing as you like. It’s all down to your own comfort level and the style of picture you prefer.

Xpressions Studio take pregnancy images like no other studio, highly creative and images to adorn any canvas a real treasure. If your open to ideas then leave it to the professionals.

If your worried about belly piercings, stretch marks etc, then don’t. Xpressions Studio creative retouching can remove any trace of those from the final printed images.
There’s a skill to pregnancy photography, an ability to use creative lighting and positioning in order to accentuate the shape the emotion and beauty of motherhood.

A real family heirloom not to be left to the un-trained photographer. After all how many times in your life will you be pregnant.  Trust your precious moments with Xpressions Studio.


What to wear for a location session.

Making good clothing choices for your outdoor group session is an important matter. So give thoughtful consideration to the advice below:

Keep clothing style choices simple, basic and classic.
Take into account the season and weather conditions, in the UK umbrellas may be needed.
Longer sleeves and hemlines are best. Avoid wearing short sleeved or sleeveless tops. Too much bare skin draws attention away from the faces.
Keep tones similar. Dress each member of the portrait in all light, all medium or all dark clothing. Most people’s wardrobes contain more dark clothing than light so dark outfits tend to be easier to put together.
Consider using and even mixing tones like hunter green, navy blue or burgundy. Black, browns and grays are also appropriate choices. Black remains a popular and surefire option.
For group portraits avoid clothing contrast issues by laying everyone’s clothes out together. Step back several feet and SQUINT at the collection. If all clothing appears to blend together while squinting – great. If any item “jumps” out visually – exchange it for a better selection.
Solids are generally better than prints. Prints and patterns can be distracting and draw focus away from your faces.
Decide on a single general style either, casual, dressy or formal. Have the entire family dress in that style. A portrait with one person in a suit and another in jeans will not appear well planned.

Most of all be prepared to have to re-locate or re-schedule your outdoor portrait UK weather is a bit of a lottery.

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