At Xpressions Studio we invite you to bring any items which express yourself or members of your family. Props are always useful but not essential. In many cases we do carry items which can be added into a photograph. But if your child has a favourite toy, teddy or blanket then bring it along, it will be familiar to them.

If you are coming for a family session then dress similar in colours if you can, this always looks good in photographs. Simple things like jeans and white T-shirts or blouses. Pastels are good. Avoid clothing which is difficult to move in like short dresses and high heels. You will generally be asked to remove your shoes anyway.

Ladies avoid low cut tops and bare shoulder tops. It is more flattering for most to have slightly sleeved tops. Men avoid ties unless you are looking for a formal profile.

Avoid large logo’s on shirt’s. We had a baby session in recently and Dad wanted a picture holding his newborn daughter in his arms, unfortunately his T-shirt had a large skull and bones motif. Get the point?

Your choice of clothing and your choice of props is very important. Think about where you are going and why you want photographs. Will your garments compliment the room your final images will sit. Get your itms and clothing ready the night before your session, ironed so that your not rushing around getting stressed on the day.

If your still not sure then simply call the studio and we will be happy to help you.