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Q. I'm very conscious of my body shape after children and feel I won't look good in the photos!

Clients come to our studio for the amazing experience all different shapes and sizes. Students, Mothers, Grandmothers the only age restrictions are the legal ones which all dependant on your session choice (i.e over 18 for boudoir). Proof required if questioned. There are no rules to say one person or one particular age or shape is better than another. Gaining confidence and believing in yourself is what makes for fantastic photographs.

Serenity Boudoir Photography sessions are all about pampering, having fun and dressing up. It’s about being professional styled possibly in a style you have never had before and will want to repeat. It’s about being a girl and ¬†dressed up and letting your hair down forgetting about those insecurities we all seem to pick up through life.

Its time to treat yourself not judge yourself as know one at Serenity Boudoir is judging you, our photography is for everyone willing to express themselves.

Q. There are some stunning ladies on your web site, are they professional models?

There’s a simple answer to that – No.

Anyone with the right tools the right attitude and the right photographers can look great too.

Q: Where will my photography session take place?

Serenity Boudoir Photography carries out 99% of sessions at our studio/salon in Newport Pagnell, Milton Keynes. Our dedicated studio is both practical and functional and has been carefully thought out giving maximum versatility. This way our on site stylists are readily available if needed for touch ups throughtout. There is a real buzz and energy which starts from when you enter the salon which all adds to your experience and helps reduce nerves. This cannot be achieved off site

However the most important thing is your comfort so if preferred we will consider location and hotel session, we even offer a limo experience. All can be discussed during your consultation but do carry additional costs due to travel time away from the studio and standard hotel booking charges.

Q: How will I know how to pose for my boudoir photography session?

We will help you pose throughout your session. After a brief introduction of how, where and when to look, move or pose hands arms and legs we will start your session.

We are there to help you through every step of your photography session. Posing is different for everyone and individual shape. Some clients are nervous and find it difficult other simply excel by themselves. But each client receives the same care and attention from us.

More often than not you will find us stretched or laid out in a particular pose for you to emulate as we guide you through step by step whilst capturing all your best angels and features.

Q: How far in advance should I book a photography session?

If you are planning a Serenity Boudoir Photography session it is a good idea to book well in advance to save any disappointment. It is best to book your free consultation 2 weeks before your planned session date. We are a busy studio and our stylists can book a month to two months in advance.

Viewings are then held a week or two later after which products purchased will take a further two weeks to arrive in the studio. However for albums and wall frames please allow up to four weeks to arrive from the date of your purchase. If a quick turnaround is required then we charge 25% extra.

Q. Do you provide make-up and hair my photography session?

Serenity Boudoir is unlike any other boudoir studio. We are also a fully functional hair and beauty salon. The only one of its kind in Buckinghamshire and surrounding areas. We specialise in beauty photography only and making you look amazing.

We have no need to book freelance stylists we have our own. Professionals in what they do and the best at making you feel relaxed and confident about your session.

Q. Do you do photography retouching on my boudoir images?

All final images go through final Serenity Boudoir creative airbrushing where and when needed. Airbrushing is not a must have part of what we do and in many cases clients are more than happy with the first off results selected during the viewing. We only edit final images ordered, we do not airbrush the proofs.

However unsightly spots, bits or bruises are removed along with any stretch or clothing marks. We all need a little extra help now and then, however we don’t set out to change anyone from looking unnatural or unrecognisable.


Q. I need promotional photographs with no identity?

We are often asked for photographs for promotional purposes, some full view and some with discression and no identity, the focus being more of the body and body shape or clothing. We are happy to work with you to acheive these photographs as in many cases it’s the not knowing that make them more erotic and sensual.

Q. How much does the photography session cost?

Serenity Boudoir Photography is not just a boudoir studio. We offer many types of beauty photography from head shots through to full nude figure. The session choice is yours and if we don’t have one listed or on promotion then we are more than happy to discuss any special requirements with you.

Costs of sessions can be found on our ‘prices and bookings’ page. Simply select your option and your photography style. Bookings can be carried out online in the form of a voucher, or we are more than happy to take your order over the telephone by calling 01908 2103589, or if preferred during a free studio consultation.

Follow us on Facebook in order to keep up to date on any special promotions or competitions. www.facebook.com/serenityboudoir

Q. Do you supply clothing and accessories for my photography session?

At Serenity we offer more than just boudoir photography, we offer beauty make-overs, fashion shoots, pin, figure etc. Unlike some studios we are not dedicated to one particular genre as we are creative across a wide range. We do hold some accessories, 50’s dresses, shoes, boots and some items, what we don’t do is supply full outfits.

We actually find that in almost all cases clients have what they need in their own wardrobe. If you don’t it”s a great excuse to go out and buy some new outfits. The advantage of this is the garments will fit you, they will be comfortable and they can be used again.

During the consultation we aim to find your style, your needs and will go through what to bring on the day. However planning is key and bringing outfits you feel confident in or your partner likes you in is going to help you achieve the desired effect. You can never have too many outfits.

Pack a couple of bags over the course of a week, drop in items you think might work, if they don’t then nothing lost. Hats, shoe’s, stockings, flattering corsets or lacy underwear all work well. Mix your colours, not just all black, if your doing this for a partner ask him what he or she likes you in most.

If you are planning a leather or latex outfit then make sure you pack talcum powder. Choose wisely and don’t choose just to play safe. As we say you can never have too much, but you can sure have to little, if your doing nude then thats fine, but if not then brings lots.

Q. Can I bring a friend to sit in on the session?

We are happy for you to bring a friend to your consultation and your viewing. However during your session this is individual only unless you are undergoing a couples session or party session.

We have found that having a friend or friends watching is actually more destructive than supportive. It’s your moment to shine and friends and family can sometimes say the wrong thing. It’s a set of eyes watching rather than actually interacting with you like we do.

If you bring a friend we will ask them to sit close by in the reception room whilst you are having your session, obviously they can help you with outfits etc and talk to you, they just won’t be able to sit in the main studio and monitor your session.

Q. Can I use my camera phone, or copy some of the images?

Serenity Boudoir has a strict policy when it comes to the use of camera”s on our premises and the copyright of images.

If you or a friend are found taking photographs whilst on the premises without authorisation then you/they will be asked to leave without completion or refund. Serenity Boudoir have images on the walls and albums which are personal to other clients. Although permission has been granted to us to use them we are sure they would not appreciate appearing in your photographs and we are confident you would feel the same.

All purchased images cannot be scanned or reproduced under copyright law. However digital images purchased do carry a licence for personal use from the studio. This grants permission to print and use for social media and promotional purpose. However they cannot be manipulated, re-sold or used for commercial use.

Please see our terms and conditions for further information.

Q. Do I have to have to use your stylists for my session, I wish to go elsewhere?

No you don’t have to use our professional stylists for your photography session. However they are experienced at what they do and know how to get the best results for your photographs.

If you choose to supply your own hair and make-up before you come in to us then we will not correct images afterwards for skin shine or poor styling as this has been out of our control. We also won’t be able to offer touch ups throughout your session either. For best results use our stylists that is what they are there for.

If your option includes hair and make-up as standard and you choose not to use it then we cannot offer cash refunds or reduction of package cost for non use of either. However we will offer you a maximum £25 credit against framed products purchased, this offer excludes our £95 voucher packages.

Didn’t find the answer?

If you have a special request or can’t find the answer you want then please get in touch. We will do our best to answer you and hope we can help with your needs. Please supply as much information as possible, alternatively book a free consultation by calling the studio on 01908 210359

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  • I was bought a family portrait voucher for my birthday and booked not knowing what to expect. The whole experience from start to the finished pictures was fabulous. We were all put at ease from the moment we arrived, given a small amount of coaching prior to the shoot and made to feel relaxed whilst having loads of fun. The session had been tremendous and the pictures we then had to view were absolutely stunning so we bought the lot. I an thoroughly recommend both the service and the quality of the photographs to anyone who is looking to see themselves in a picture they can be truely proud of. Many thanks for your friendly approach and the great pics ...
    Phil Mileham
  • Hi john!   Firstly I would like to thank you and your lovely wife for all you did for me and Martin on our special day. You guys were amazing not only as photographers but keeping me calm and having a laugh to. You went out of your way to make sure I was happy and that our day went to plan. I will be recommending you to everyone I know.   I can't thank you enough. Kind regards Kimberley and Martin Gibb
    Kimberley & Martin
  • I came to Serenity Boudoir to capture what i look like before it all goes and have been very please with the results, it was well worth it and a great day of fun.

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