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Location Photography

If you would rather not visit a professional photography studio environment for your family portrait session, or you simply have too large of a gathering for the studio to accommodate you, then why not look at having a location session.

Xpressions Studio professional photographers are experts at photographing under any setting and will be happy to use the picturesque open space that Mother Nature created. There are many beautiful areas in and around Milton Keynes.

Ideal for families, couples and larger groups who like the contemporary outdoor feel to their images. The sitting can last up to an hour set within a pre-planned location, great during the summer or autumn months when the color can be so vibrant.

Obviously weather is an important factor with any location portraiture, so Xpressions Studio will discuss a back-up plan prior to the day of your portrait session, that said if you don’t mind getting wet images in the rain can be quite dramatic too.

As with all Xpressions Studio portrait sessions viewings are held a few days later once they have applied their creative touches.

– What to wear for location photographs:

Making good clothing choices for your outdoor group session is an important matter. So give thoughtful consideration to the advice below.

  • Keep clothing style choices simple, basic and classic.
  • Take into account the season and weather conditions, in the UK umbrellas may be needed.
  • Longer sleeves and hemlines are best. Avoid wearing short sleeved or sleeveless tops. Too much bare skin draws attention away from the faces.
  • Keep tones similar. Dress each member of the portrait in all light, all medium or all dark clothing. Most people’s wardrobes contain more dark clothing than light so dark outfits tend to be easier to put together.
  • Consider using and even mixing tones like hunter green, navy blue or burgundy. Black, browns and greys are also appropriate choices. Black remains a popular and surefire option.
  • For group portraits avoid clothing contrast issues by laying everyone’s clothes out together. Step back several feet and squint at the collection. If all clothing appears to blend together while squinting then great. If any item “jumps” out visually exchange it for a better selection.
  • Solids are generally better than prints. Prints and patterns can be distracting and draw focus away from your faces *Decide on a single general style either, casual, dressy or formal. Have the entire family dress in that style. A portrait with one person in a suit and another in jeans will not appear well planned.
  • Most of all be prepared to have to re-locate or re-schedule your outdoor portrait UK weather is a bit of a lottery.

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