New Born & Toddlers

Watching your child take their first steps is one of life’s memorable moments as a parent. The concentration and determination to stand and walk to you is priceless.

Children grow so fast so ensure you capture every milestone with Xpressions Studio baby to toddler portraits.

Check out the “Little Stars” voucher package, a great way to record your child’s first year with 3 separate session vouchers, and ideal gift option.Or book yourself onto one of our Cherubs scheme’s partnered with the Master Photographers Association and Bounty Parenting Club.

Every proud parent echoes the words ‘They grow up so fast’. Before you know it, your child turns into a stroppy teenager before they finally reach adulthood and the new worry of making their own way in the world. Stages in life we all know too well and times that simply pass by too fast.

Don’t just let the moments pass you by once they have got past the toddler stage. Let Xpressions Studio portrait photographers record your son or daughter as they mature. It may be a birthday or graduation as they go through stages in life, 18 and 21st birthdays are very popular stages to record. Xpressions Studio offers services for all your needs.

What to take to a baby or toddler session?

Babies – When it comes to photographing babies, the aim of Xpressions Studio is to show just how small and fragile they are. Hands and feet are always a key feature, so it is a good idea that they are easily accessible through the simple removal of gloves and socks. You may want to have your baby photographed as they came into the world bare in your arms or chest, so again it’s a good idea to have clothing that can be easily removed without to much stress.

Keep things simple, plain whites, pastel blue’s and pinks and avoid wording and logos on outfits, removing text digitally afterwards can become costly. Be prepared with extra clothing, feed and above all nappies. Babies awake tend to last around 20-30 minutes before they have had enough. Some photographers want to spend up to half a day photographing your child, heavily handling them, positioning them in and out of pots etc in order to get that perfect shot, Xpressions Studio finds this excessive and too much to ask of a new born or yourself. If this is a requirement then please explain this when you contact the studio as further preparation and instruction is needed which you will need to take into account.

Ask about our Cherubs Club options starting from just £35 or our Little Stars voucher from just £65. The ideal solution as a watch me grow option.

Call the only baby photographers in Milton Keynes you will ever need to follow your child’s development. You will see just why they are different and why clients keep coming back and recommending Xpressions Studio Photography to friends and family.

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