International award winning photographers John & Debbie have been photographing professionally together for over twenty-five years and have gained experience in every aspect of photography. Their first boudoir session (or more popular then in the UK as Hollywood or Glamour Shots) took place some 24 years ago, since then they developed their art and become masters in their profession.

Master Photographer Association qualified and nationally published you can be confident of being in safe hands when with them. In 2012 John became MPA regional Glamour and Beauty photographer of the year winning again in 2014 and going on to be crowned the prestigious award of MPA Regional Master Photographer of the year. Adding to a tally of awards gained over the last few years and proving why he is the areas best and most versatile photographer.

With the increasing popularity of boudoir photography the passionate couple expanded their already established studio business further and unleash their creative stamp on the boudoir scene. In 2009 Serenity Boudoir Photography was born and in 2011 the entrepreneur couple opened a second studio along with its own fully dedicated hair and beauty salon employing a dedicated team of amazing stylists who have what it takes to make their clients not only feel good but also look like they have just stepped out onto the red carpet.

When you walk into their studio you can see just how professional and dedicated John and Debbie are about what they do. Childhood sweethearts turned husband and wife John & Debbie are a fun partnership, they are the kind of couple who finish each others sentences and have a fun time together. Their passion and drive for what they do is infectious and they both have a knack for making anyone feel comfortable around them, especially in front of the camera. The duo will guide you through every pose themselves and show by example positioning and body shape in so making your session a real team effort. 

Serenity Boudoir Photography is for everyone no matter what shape or size you are. They are masters with lighting and posing and when needed airbrushing which gives them that creative edge. John & Debbie have had the personal pleasure of photographing the rich and famous, high powered professional business men and women, couples sharing their love for each other, and hundreds of men and women who want to feel and look like they belong on the cover of a magazine. 

A boudoir session is the most personal gift that anyone could give to themselves or a loved one. For many it takes a lot of courage to arrange and then carry out a boudoir session. In many cases women will book a boudoir session because they need a confidence boost or they wish to record an age in their life when they feel good. 

Booking the right photographers who not only know how to capture your beauty but also know how to make you feel comfortable is vital (many photographers claim this, but not many pull it off). John and Debbie can, and will make you feel confident when you first meet them, they pride themselves on creating excitement about the sessions and the results are amazing. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee that you will leave the studio on a high with many clients expressing that it can be quite empowering.

With a free no obligation consultation to discuss your personal needs with helpful tips on wardrobe and preparation thrown in, Debbie and the team are waiting for your call. Nervous they know you will be but so glad you did it they guarantee. 

Meet The Team



Debbie McHale the driving force and face of Serenity Boudoir Photography. Debbie is the person who will guide you through your photography experience. There with you at all times like a mother hen, Debbie is the calming figure and helpful guide. A proud mother of 3 Debbie understands all too well the challenging life experiences, concerns or hangups that many of us face in this celebrity driven age for perfection. She like many carry the battle scars of parenthood and knows just how to hide them from view in your final images. Debbie will be your rock, your confidant during your session should you have any jitters. She will also help with those garments which are difficult to put on pose and cover you when and where needed.



John McHale, proud and loyal husband to Debbie, John is the true professional. From an early age John has been photographing, starting mostly with Debbie as his model in the early years before moving onto paying clients. John is a recognised multi award winning photographer with lots of ideas, drive and knowhow. He is the person who will ultimately photograph you in the best possible way. Working along side Debbie at all times, both will have you relaxed and growing with confidence in no time. But if your worried about a man being the main photographer then no need to be, John has his woman and after 25 years of photographing men and women has seen it all before and never invades your space.


Director of Hair


Senior Beautician


Hair Stylist


Hair Apprentise


Trainee Stylist

Awards & Features

Awards 2014


Overall Master Photographer Of The Year – Central Region

Boudoir Photographer of the Year

Beauty Photographer of the Year

Black & White Photographer of the Year

Awards 2013


MPA Commercial Photographer Of The Year

Filmed By Shine TV for Channel 4

Wedding Industry Photographer Of The Year

Awards 2012


Filmed for Best In Town Feature

MPA Beauty & Fashion Photographer of The Year

Wedding Industry Boudoir Studio Of The Year

Awards 2011


MPA Pets Photographer Of The Year

MPA Commercial Photographer Of The Year

7 x International Finalists – MPA Awards

Awards 2010

MPA Portrait Photographer Of The Year

MPA Wedding Photographer Of The Year

MPA Winning Image Of The Year


I was bought a family portrait voucher for my birthday and booked not knowing what to expect. The whole experience from start to the finished pictures was fabulous. We were all put at ease from the moment we arrived, given a small amount of coaching prior to the shoot and made to feel relaxed whilst having loads of fun. The session had been tremendous and the pictures we then had to view were absolutely stunning so we bought the lot. I an thoroughly recommend both the service and the quality of the photographs to anyone who is looking to see themselves in a picture they can be truely proud of. Many thanks for your friendly approach and the great pics …

Phil Mileham

Hi john!


Firstly I would like to thank you and your lovely wife for all you did for me and Martin on our special day. You guys were amazing not only as photographers but keeping me calm and having a laugh to. You went out of your way to make sure I was happy and that our day went to plan. I will be recommending you to everyone I know.


I can’t thank you enough.

Kind regards
Kimberley and Martin Gibb

Kimberley & Martin