Camera & Post Production Tuition

Do you own a digital camera but don’t have a clue how to use it or process the images?

Maybe you have just purchased an SLR but don’t understand what the shutter and aperture settings are?

Does the white balance and ISO setting go right over your head?

Xpressions Studio offer tuition and will teach you the skills needed to get the best shots. With over 24 years as professional photographers they can instruct you on how to take amazing creative photographs.

Camera basics includes – Understanding your camera, ISO, exposure (shutter and aperture control), white balance, lighting, flash and lenses and more.

Taking photographs includes – Composition, what is rule of thirds, depth of field, natural lighting, how to compose subjects, studio lighting techniques.

Post processing includes – Camera raw, Photoshop, Lightroom, Onone, plus much more.

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So call us today to book some studio time. You will see just why they are different and why clients keep coming back and recommending the studio to friends and family.