Well we have only gone and done it!!!

Last night was the Master Photographers Association central region photographer of the year awards. The region is the largest in the MPA running from Peterborough to Bath with some of the most amazing professional photographers.

The night was no different than previous years with a collection of outstanding images from many seasoned professional’s.

To come away with a fist full of awards and the coveted Master Photographer of the Year 2014 was a great honour. Not only that our images also won us the overall Wedding Photographer of the Year 2014.

Amazingly we won or gained 6 category awards:

Black & White Open – Gold
Boudoir Art – Gold
Wedding Art – Gold, Silver & Bronze
Fashion & Beauty – Gold & Silver
Advertising – Silver & Bronze
Family Portrait – Silver

Also going on to win

Regional Wedding Photographer of the Year 2014

Regional Master Photographer of the Year 2014

Thank you to the region for supporting and running these awards. Thank you to Stuart Bebb for his critique. But most importantly, to all our clients for constantly supporting our studio’s, thank you!